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Bradford District Design Code

Bradford Council is currently producing a Design Code for new urban housing in the Bradford District.

Design Codes are a set of principles and rules for new development to help create better and more sustainable places and neighbourhoods. We want to ensure that the code addresses the things which are important to local people.

We are currently in stage 3 (of 4) of the project which is focussed on preparing the Design Code and consulting with stakeholders on the initial draft document. This includes Bradford Council departments, young people and health expert groups, developers, designers and property agents, Town Councils, and Civic Societies. There will be further opportunity for members of the public to consult on the Design Code shortly.


Find out more about the project and design codes HERE.

Key project milestones

Stage 1

Autumn 2022

Initial engagement, analysis and scoping

Stage 2

Winter 2023

Visioning, ongoing consultation

Stage 3

Winter/Spring 2023

Preparing the Code, ongoing consultation

Stage 4

Spring 2023 (to May)

Finalising the Code